About us



Indian - Baltic Chamber of Commerce (IBCC) is a public non-profit enterprise. It is established in order to promote, develop and encourage information, trade, investment, education, cultural, tourism as well as other economically constructive relationships between Indian and Lithuanian Republic and the Baltic countries.


Indian - Baltic Chamber of Commerce (IBCC) opened its Representative office in Gurgao city in India. This office will take care of marketing procedures and industrial development between India and Lithuania. As well, this office will represent the interests of Lithuanian companies in India and take care of customer searches and promotion of the Lithuania’s image in India.



The main field of activity of IBCC is development of economic and cultural relations between India and Lithuania and the other Baltic countries.


The Lithuanian business community defines India as one of the most important states to Lithuania for seeking new co-operation opportunities and improving existing economic relations.


Our interest is to further deepen political relations with India, promote trade and investment, as well as facilitate co-operation in the fields of tourism, culture and education.


IBCC Objectives:



IBCC Activities:


·         Promotion of investment;

·         Promotion of import/export;

·         Development of tourism;

·         Spread and promotion of culture.


Indian - Baltic Chamber of Commerce - Your Professional guide in the Baltic States and European Union market.